In this roadmap, we will go over some of the important steps you should not forget when starting a Bed & Breakfast.

Zoning plan: rules B&B

National rules regarding B&B do not yet exist (as many) in the Netherlands. At least not about whether or not a B&B is possible in your home. Therefore, the most important thing to consider in this question is the municipal rules. Ask the municipality for its policy on B&B and whether B&B activities fit into the zoning plan in question. There is often a maximum area and maximum number of guests allowed in the “residential” zoning.

Other steps to check before starting a B&B:

The steps below (but not exclusively these) may be important if you are starting a B&B.

  • Apply for permit to remodel
  • B&B registration with the Chamber of Commerce and Tax Office
  • Permit for fire-safe use
  • Environmental Management Notification
  • Establishing a code of hygiene
  • Set up night register
  • Legionella prevention measures
  • Television and musicals (BUMA STEMRA)
  • Privacy

Starting with a head start? Then you can buy an existing B&B!