Selling your B&B or hotel in Portugal?

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Hotels / Bed and Breakfasts for sale in Portugal

Find B&Bs for sale in Portugal from the likes of the Dutch and Belgians who have changed course. Discover properties of hotel, bed and breakfast, apartment or lodge type. Or properties with vacation homes or villas for rental to guests. Looking for a Bed and Breakfast or small hotel for sale with 0or without pool in Portugal? Our website allows you to compare B&Bs, guesthouses and hotels for sale in Portugal for free. Selling your own B&B, hotel or other tourist property in Portugal? Take advantage of an additional target audience to market your property and sell your Portuguese property faster with an ad.

Selling your B&B or hotel in Portugal?

✔ The #1 B&B/hotel sales site!
✔ Top of Google! (Test it yourself!)
✔ Tens of thousands of page views!
✔ Advertise profitably!

Bed and Breakfast / hotel for sale in Portugal

Buy B&B Portugal

Do you want to buy a Bed and Breakfast in Potugal? Then you’ve come to the right place at On B&B Te koop (B&B for sale) you will find B&Bs for sale by Dutch and Belgian people in the most beautiful places of Portugal in Porto, Amadora Braga, Coimbra and Funchal, among others. Portugal is a popular vacation destination. The advantage is that the properties offered for sale on our website, in terms of the number of rooms, bathrooms and other facilities, are often very suitable for running a B&B. Always make your own inquiries with the relevant municipality to see if starting a Bed and Breakfast in the property in question is (still) possible. Find B&Bs for sale throughout Portugal in the list above.

B&B / hotel for sale coast Portugal

Looking for a B&B or hotel on the coast of Portugal? From house with mini-camping for sale in Portugal to a B&B in Portugal for which owners are sought. Buy or sell a property in one of Portugal’s 10 most beautiful coastal cities. From Lisbon, Porto and Coimbra to Braga, Portimão and Lagos. You can find it all at Or how about changing course in the beautiful surroundings of coastal cities of Funchal, Sintra or Aveiro. All are beautiful locations to start a B&B. B&Bs for sale (B&B for sale) are also regularly offered near Évora.

Small hotel for sale areas Portugal

Want to buy a small hotel in the Alentejo, Azores or Costa de Prata? Then visit our website regularly. From a Bed & Breakfast in Marvão to a small hotel in Parque natural do Alvão. Whether you are looking for a hotel or B&B in Peneda-Gerês or Serra da Cabreira. On our portal you will find what you are looking for in Portugal.

B&Bs for sale most beautiful places Portugal

discover the most beautiful places in North Central and South Portugal to buy a B&B or hotel (b&b/hotel for sale) are Serra da Estrela, the Algarve, Costa Vicentina, Madeira, Parque Natural Alvão. Or make your dream come true in Porto Santo or Serras de Aire e Candeeiros, From B&B to vacation apartments and from camping to glamping with safari tents. It is all regularly for sale on our website.

B&Bs for sale northern Portugal

Want to buy a B&B or hotel in northern Portugal? Northern Portugal consists of the districts of Braga, Bragança, Porto, Viana do Castelo and Vila Real. Parts of parts of the districts of Aveiro, Viseu and Guarda are also included in northern Portugal.

Buy Braga B&B / hotel

Buying a hotel or B&B in Braga? Braga is a bustling college town. In addition, with the Parque Nacional da Peneda-Gerês natural park nearby, it is an attractive area for those who want to buy and run a B&B in Portugal. Your guests can arrive at the Porto airport about 60 km away. Brava is additionally accessible by train and bus. Are you looking for a B&B or hotel for sale in Braga (Portugal)? Then keep a regular eye on our website. Due to popularity, sometimes the offer is gone quickly. Therefore, you may not always find offers of B&Bs and hotels in Braga on the website.

B&B buy Bragança

You can buy a B&B in the Bragança district, for example, in the city of Bragança or elsewhere in this district in Portugal. Operators are sometimes sought for a Bed and Breafast in Bragança. If this is the case, you will read about it on our website. Keep an eye on this page for B&Bs for sale near other towns in Bragança such as Alfândega da Fé, Carrazeda de Ansiães or Macedo de Cavaleiros. But also for a farmhouse with b&b for sale in Mirandela. Torre de Moncorvo is also beautiful and sometimes a special opportunity presents itself. Then operators are sought for a Bed and Breafast in this city. The Vinhais neighborhood is also a great place to buy a B&B. Buy farms and b&bs with gites in Hautes-Bragança. Check our website to see the listings for sale in this city.

Porto B&B / glamping for sale

A popular place to buy a B&B is the district and city of Porto. It is a wonderful port city to buy a B&B when looking for B&Bs for sale in Portugal (B&B for sale Portgual). But besides looking for B&Bs in Porto, you can also search for campsites, glamping and farmhouses and B&Bs with cottages, which are for sale in Porto (Portugal). Many people are curious if operators are being sought for a Bed and Breafast in Porto. For this, always check the current ads for the different houses and chateaus or our news section. Keep an eye on this page for B&Bs for sale in Portugal.

Viana do Castelo b&b for sale

Looking for a B&B for sale in one of the most beautiful cities in northern Portugal? Then you can search for B&Bs for sale in Viana do Castelo. Check the offer to see if B&Bs are offered in this Portuguese district. Or search our website for a house with B&B for sale in Viana do Castelo. Plots with campsites for sale are also regularly found on our website.

B&Bs for sale Central Portugal (Região Centro, Central Portugal)

Looking for a B&B or hotel for sale in Central Portugal or Região Centro? This part of Portugal consists of the districts of Coimbra, Castelo Branco and Leiria, most of the districts of Aveiro, Viseu and Guarda, and parts of Santarém.

B&B buy Aveira (partly northern and mostly central Portugal)

Buy farms and b&bs with cottages, tourist apartments in Charente in Eveira (Portugal)? It is an ideal place for those who want to buy a B&B or hotel by the sea in Portugal. Aveira is located on the coast and on the ria. Canals run through Aveiro on which narrow colorful moliceiro boats cruise. Those who buy a B&B or hotel here can undoubtedly attract tourists. Aveiro is also known as the Portuguese Venice. In addition to a boat ride, guests can also follow an Art Nouveau route. Browse our website for current listings of B&Bs and hotels for sale in Aveira (Portugal).

B&B for sale Viseu (partly northern and mostly central Portugal)

You will find these B&Bs in region and city of Viseu on our website, of course, when they are offered for sale. The city has a historic center where walking is a delight. Guests can also view the cathedral or the vaults of the sacristy. Farms and b&bs with cottages and camping in the Viseu region are also sold on our website. You can find B&B offerings for sale on our website. Lover of Viseu or Portugal? Keep an eye on this page for chateaus and B&Bs for sale (B&B for sale) near Viseu (Portugal).

For sale Guarda B&B (North and Central Portugal)

Want to find farms and b&bs with cottages for sale in Guerda (Central Portugal, centro region)? Sometimes you get lucky and these objects are offered for sale. Consider a house with a pool or a castle in districts such as Aguiar da Beira, Almeida or Celorico da Beira. Operators are also sometimes sought for a Bed and Breafasts in Figueira de Castelo Rodrigo. Also keep an eye on this page for B&Bs for sale in Guarda, Mêda and Vila Nova de Foz Côa.

House with camping for sale Coimbra

Buying a house with vacation accommodation in Coimbra? The city of Coimbra is beautiful, but there are more options around the city if you want to buy a B&B in this region. It is located between Porto and Lisbon. Sometimes operators are sought for a Bed and Breafast in a country house, chateau or farmhouse in Coimbra. Located on the banks of the Mondego River, the city is also known for its university, which is the oldest in Europe. If you buy a B&B or hotel in Coimbra, there is much to see for your guests in this medieval city.

Managers sought B&Bs Castelo Branco

Sometimes operators are sought for a Bed and Breafast in Portugal. Previously, people found their dream by working as operators in Castelo Branco. Looking for hosts for your B&B in Portugal yourself? Then place your ad. Do you want to get started as an operator? Then check out the current ads. Are you buying a B&B in this beautiful area? Your future guests can stroll in the gardens of the Episcopal Palace, admire bedspreads from Castelo Branco and enjoy the breathtaking views from the castle. So check regularly for hotels, B&Bs and other plots of land for sale in Castelo Branco.

B&Bs with cottages Leiria

How about buying a B&B or vacation home in Leiria. Consider the city of Leiria, as well as towns such as Marinha Grande, Viera de Leiria and Nazaré. The latter cities are located on the coast in the region of Leiria. Find a house with cottages, vacation apartments or a campsite for sale in the Leiria region. Attractions for guests coming to stay with you include Praça Rodrigues Lobo, Castelo de Leiria, Santuario de Nossa Senhora da Encarnacao and Igreja do Espirito Santo. So Leiria is a great location to buy a B&B, hotel or other tourist property. Of course, you can also buy a property where you will realize your dream yourself. A real estate agent or consultant can help you provide the necessary information about starting a B&B or hotel in Leiria (Portugal).

B&Bs for sale southern Portugal

Buy B&B or hotel in southern Portugal? Then we are talking about B&Bs for sale in Alentejo, south-central Portugal. Évora (capital), Portalegre, Beja, Sines and Elvas are located here. In addition, we are talking about the Algarve, today it falls under the district of Faro.

B&Bs and hotels for sale Alentejo

B&B for sale Lisbon

Looking for a B&B or hotel for sale in Lisbon in the Estremadura region? Or a suitable plot near Lisbon to start a tourist business such as a campsite, b&b, apartment rental or hotel? Find B&Bs and other houses for sale in capital Lisbon. A beautiful city with beautiful old streetcars, delicious restaurants and many attractions. Follow your dream and buy a B&B in Lisbon, Portugal. Lisbon is a good place to buy or start a B&B because it is a popular city for city breaks. Your future B&B, hotel or camping guests can enjoy fado music that features Lisbon, Portuga and districts of Alfama, Bairro Alto and Mouriaria.

Buying B&Bs in Santarém

Want to find a cozy B&B for sale (B&B for sale) in Santarém? The Tagus River, which you can see from the city, regularly floods the fields here. Santarém is located in the fertile Ribatejo region because of this. As a result, the restaurants here serve good food with fresh greens and freshwater fish. If you buy a hotel or b&b here, your guests can visit various monuments here. Churches like Sé de Santarém, and the Igreja de Nossa Senhora da Piedade and the 18th-century Convento de São Francisco monastery is worth visiting. Discover here the for sale offer of houses, b&bs, campsites and hotels in Santarém.

House with B&B for sale Setúbal

Setubál is also a wonderful area to start a B&B. The town of the same name is a fishing town with beautiful harbor, old town and historic buildings. It is the ideal location for those who want to start a B&B on the coast of Portugal. Discover homes for sale downtown or around the city. If you want to realize your dream here, you can buy a beautiful B&B in Setúbal (Portugal).

B&B for sale Beja

Find B&B for sale between the mountains and the sea? Then Beja is definitely worth looking into. Romantic B&Bs and hotels are regularly offered for sale in beautiful surroundings. Keep an eye on this page for B&Bs for sale in Portugal. You may want to search several areas to buy a B&B (B&B for sale). From Beja, you can also easily reach Lisbon or the Algarve. The future guests you receive in your purchased property can visit in the old town, a castle (with tower with great views), the old city wall, the most famous square of the city (the Praça da República) and the surrounding nature. So Beja is an ideal location to start/buy a B&B, hotel or campsite in Portugal.

House with vacation apartment for sale Évora

B&Bs with pool for sale in Évora (Portugal)? The Évora is ideal for buying a house with a pool to start a B&B. They are also regularly offered for sale on our website. Évora is a city in southeastern Portugal. It is the capital of the district of the same name in the Alentejo region. There are plenty of attractions and restaurants for your guests.

B&B for sale Portalegre

Discover B&Bs for sale in Portalegre (B&B for sale Portalegre). Portalegre is a city and municipality in the Portuguese district of Portalegre of the same name. B&Bs and hotels are also sometimes for sale in Portalegre. You will then find these B&Bs on our website, of course. It is a great location to buy a B&B because of the beautiful weather. Portalegre is also near the Spanish border. See also
B&B‘s for sale in Spain

Hotel for sale Vila Real

Hotels in Vila Real can be found for sale (hotel Vila Real for sale) on our website. But a house with cottages for sale can also be found in Vila Real. Always check the current offer on our page of B&Bs with cottages and apartments for sale in Portugal. Operators were sought for a Bed and Breafast in Vila Real. They have since been found.

B&Bs for sale Faro / Algarve

B&B and hotel for sale Faro

When you think of B&Bs for sale near Faro, you think of houses with pools, farmhouses and b&bs with cottages and apartments for sale in the Algarve. Just outside Faro is the airport. So it is smart to buy a B&B near Faro so that guests of the B&B, hotel or campsite you buy can easily reach their accommodation. The Algarve is popular with tourists because of its beautiful nature. Find B&Bs for sale near Faro on our website.

Sell your Hotel / Bed and Breakfast in Portugal

Selling your own B&B Portugal

Want to sell your B&B in Portugal yourself or another vacation rental property such as a camping/glamping for sale? Many Dutchmen, Belgians and other Europeans want to change course and run a B&B, small hotel, camping, vacation home or farm in Portugal. With our portal, you reach that target audience yourself.

Sell property with vacation homes or apartments Portugal

Want to sell your property, b&b, camping or vacation apartments in Portugal? We rank at the top of Google on many relevant search terms! Take advantage of it and advertise your house in Portugal all by yourself. So you can sell a B&B or house in Portugal with our website without a real estate agent. Our portal is an independent sales platform so does not charge any brokerage or estate agent fees. Even with a broker, you are of course welcome to our platform.

Real estate agency selling Bed and Breakfast Portugal

Want to sell a Bed and Breakfast in Portugal as a broker? This can be done without raising the brokerage fees too much for your clients. Whether you are the owner or broker of a B&B or campground, our portal offers the opportunity to get your properties to the right targeted audience. In fact, there are thousands of potential buyers searching for Bed and Breakfasts and small hotels for sale in Portugal. On Bed & Breakfast For Sale/B&B For Sale you can advertise very inexpensively. Sign up and register as a broker or seller to advertise your B&B, hotel or campground.

Hotel sales Portugal

Want to sell a small hotel in Portugal? On B&B For Sale/B&B For Sale, potential buyers of B&Bs and small hotels will find your real estate for sale in Portugal. You usually sell your hotel in Portugal faster with an ad on So don’t wait any longer to advertise your hotel or B&B for sale.

Sell hotel or camping: real estate agent Portugal

Want to sell a campsite or hotel in Portugal as a real estate agent? Whether you are hotel owner or – real estate agent; with B&B For Sale/B&B For Sale you reach potential buyers of a B&B and small hotel in Portugal. Hotel brokers regularly advertise their hotel offerings in Portugal on B&B For Sale, finding suitable candidates. Advertising is very inexpensive and because we are an independent platform obviously commission-free.

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