Hotel-Restaurant for sale in the historic fortress of tourist Willemstad (North Brabant)



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  • Geïsoleerd
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Mansion, city hotel or B&B in the atmospheric fortress of Willemstad. We present you this beautiful property as a residential house in the photos. But anything is possible.

As you pass this beautiful townhouse on Willemstad’s distinguished Voorstraat, the first thing you see is a hotel-restaurant with a cozy terrace in front. But think the patio cover away. Then you will see two townhouses next to each other (with two house numbers) merged into a spacious property. Hotel Trusten is the name. And no doubt in this watery setting, it is a wonderful place to relax in the evening, as well as during the day. But the property offers much more than that. Thanks to a broad zoning plan, it is possible to turn it into a residential or family home in the broadest sense of the word. But a B&B is also possible. Living myself on the first floor and renting out 5 rooms upstairs. What is certain is that the high level of amenities, and at the same time the large number of meters of residential and living space, offers every opportunity to do so.

Housing and hospitality, it can do both.
Once inside, you immediately recognize the decor of a city hotel. A friendly entrance with behind it the large (Spanish) restaurant with bar and semi-open kitchen. Here visitors and guests enjoy delicious dishes served daily. The large sliding doors in the back provide access to the garden. This also makes this space ideal as living quarters. Two bedrooms, front and back respectively, are on the first floor, each with its own bathroom. Of course, these rooms are suitable for other purposes, such as office rooms. From the staircase you can access the floor with a total of five spacious hotel rooms, each with a private bathroom equipped with toilet, sink and shower. At Hotel Trusten, each bedroom has a unique character with its own name. This is in keeping with the interior designed by interior designer Tom van den Haspel and the images and colors used in the process. All bedrooms have air conditioning.

Garden with outbuildings
In the garden are two outbuildings. One is a spacious storage area equipped with shelving. The other outbuilding is set up as a “mancave” and has a cozy wood-burning stove and air conditioning. Behind the house is further a spacious terrace. A nice place to spend long evenings. In short, a wonderful place to live, work and enjoy. In the heart of historic Willemstad.

Along the Hollands Diep in the West Brabant municipality of Moerdijk lies the old fortified town of Willemstad. The city was officially founded in the year 1583, but during the construction of the Delta Works in 1968, one of the things found was an oak statue estimated to be 6,500 years old. This, which is called the Little Man of Willemstad, is evidence of habitation going back a very long way. Before the name Willemstad, there was talk of the village of Ruigenhil. William of Orange had the village fortified into a fortress. His son Prince Maurice, after the death of William of Orange (William the Silent), renamed the city City of William, or Willemstad.

The ancient glory of this ancient city is still visible. For example, in the cozy harbor in the city center. Lively town with rich history Willemstad has always remained a fortified town with today about 2,500 inhabitants who live and live in part in the old fortress. In 1970, the entire former fortress, including downtown and the field of fire, was declared a protected cityscape. Special buildings include the 1793 Arsenal and the guardhouse at the water gate. Today, lively Willemstad offers several stores, a supermarket, several restaurants and two elementary schools.

Beautiful on the Hollands Diep
Willemstad lies on the Hollands Diep, which a little further west turns into the Haringvliet and to the east, past the famous bridge over the Moerdijk, heads toward the Biesbosch. Willemstad lies at the interface of the three provinces of North Brabant, Zeeland and South Holland. Therefore, both the Zeeland beaches as well as the Rotterdam agglomeration with the fast A29 and A16 connections, are close by.

From the Front Street you have access to the spacious entrance. You will immediately find here the atmosphere and appearance of a familiar and well-kept family hotel. Immediately to the right you will see the entrance door to the first of seven bedrooms. Possibly in the future this space will have another function as a living room or office. Next to the entrance hall is a storage room. A “capital” space because this used to be where you could pin from outside.

Large and cozy space with a tough plank floor, with bar, restaurant and open kitchen. At the rear, impressive sliding doors. It is a hospitality space but also a space that is very easy to transform into a large living room with an open kitchen.

The kitchen with sleek straight layout is equipped – naturally – with professional appliances. Also, this room provides access to the utility room with sink. At the wall openings it is easy to see that the bank vault used to be located here. In the bluestone sidewalk in front of the entrance, you can still recognize the former Rabobank logo.

Accessible from the restaurant is the generous restroom area, consisting of a common hall and behind it a ladies’ and men’s restroom.

From the restaurant you also have access to a spacious stairwell to the first floor, where you will find five bedrooms, each with its own bathroom.

Two bedrooms:
The two spacious bedrooms on the first floor are located at the front (overlooking the Front Street) and at the rear (overlooking and accessing the garden), respectively. Both rooms with private bathroom equipped with toilet, sink and shower.

The landing is spacious and provides access to the five bedrooms. At the rear is the emergency exit to the garden.

Five bedrooms:
With five spacious bedrooms, each with a complete private bathroom equipped with toilet, sink and shower, this property offers a wide variety of possibilities. The two front bedrooms overlook the Front Street. To the rear, the bedrooms have skylights.

A spacious tiled terrace where guests now enjoy the outdoors. By the way, there is also a terrace at the front, appropriate to the current catering destination.

Two outbuildings:
In the backyard are two outbuildings. One is now set up as a cozy room/mancave and is equipped with a wood stove and electricity. NOTE: This text is an automatic translation and may therefore contain errors. Please ask the advertiser for the original text.

Floor plans





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