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Hotels / Bed and Breakfasts for sale in Italy

Find agriturismo and B&Bs for sale in Italy, including from Dutch and Belgians who have changed course. Discover properties of the agriturismo, hotel, bed &breakfast or lodge type. Or properties with vacation homes or apartments for rental to guests. Looking for a Bed and Breakfast or small hotel for sale in vacation country Italy? Our website allows you to compare B&Bs and apartments for sale in Italy for free . Own agritourism properties or a B&B or sell in Italy? Take advantage of an additional target group to market your property and sell your property in Italy faster with an ad on

Selling your B&B or hotel in Italy?

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Bed and Breakfast / hotel for sale in Italy

Buy B&B Italy

Want to buy a Bed and Breakfast in Italy? Find B&Bs for sale in Italy from Dutch and other Europeans. You will find properties with a generous number of bedrooms and bathrooms, suitable for continuing or starting a B&B. Always make your own inquiries with the relevant Italian municipality whether the start of a Bed and Breakfast in the relevant property is (still) possible. Find B&Bs for sale in Italy from Lombardy to Campania and Lazio to Sicily in the list above. And from Sardinia to Liguria.

House with vacation home for sale Italy

From house with vacation rental for sale in Marche, Italy to a B&B in Aruzze, Italy for which owners are sought. You can find it all at How about a vacation home for sale in Lombardy, a B&B for sale in Italy in Campania or in Lazio. B&Bs are also regularly offered for sale in Sicily.

Small hotel for sale Italy

Want to buy a small hotel in Veneto or elsewhere in Italy such as Friuli-Venezia Giulia or Trentino-South Tyrol? Then visit our website regularly. From a Bed & Breakfast in the Piedmont to a small hotel in Emilia-Romagna. Whether you are looking for a hotel or B&B / cottage in Puglia or Tuscany. On our portal you will find what you are looking for in Italy. Also discover the most beautiful Italian properties in Umbria, Basilicata, Molise and Valle d’Aosta.

B&B for sale Lombardy

Find B&Bs for sale in Lombardy, located in Northern Italy. From Bergamo to Brescia. Or a beautiful house with B&B for sale in Como or Cremona. Follow your dream and buy a B&B in Lombardy. Lecco, Lodi and Mantua are also located in Lombaria. Find accommodations for sale in this northern Italian region here. Also Milan, Monza e Brianza, Pavia, Sondria and Varese, are provinces or metropolitan cities in Lombardy, Italy, where you can buy a B&B.

B&Bs with hiker’s hut for sale Campania

How about buying a B&B in Camania in southern Italy. Think Salerno with towns like Amalfi, as well as Benevento and Caserta. Find a house with hiker’s cabin in Naples. Think Pompeii, Sorrento and Torre del Greco. But in Campania you can also go for real estate in Amalfi, Paestum, Cava de’ Tirren. In all these beautiful regions, B&Bs are regularly offered for sale. Fantastic for those who want to buy a B&B in southern Italy.

Buying B&Bs in Lazio

Lazio is located in the middle of Italy. Want to find an idyllic B&B for sale in Lazio? Then consider B&Bs in Frosinone or Latina (with towns like Gaeta, Terracina, Minturno) for sale. Or to Rieti, Rome or Vitebo. In all these provinces in Lazio (Italy) you will find B&Bs for sale.

Property with B&B for sale Sicily

Sicily is also a beautiful area , with the provinces of Agrigento, Caltanissetta, Catania, Messina, Palemero, Ragusa, Syracuse and Trapani. It is an island southwest of Calabria. If you want to realize your dream here in southern Italy, you can buy a beautiful B&B in cities of Marsala, Gela, Ragusa or Trapani. Considering starting a B&B in cities like Palermo, Catania, Messina or Syracuse? Even then, be sure to check out the offerings on our website. But within Sicily, you can also search for a charming B&B for sale in Vittoria, Caltanissetta or Afrigento. Find B&Bs for sale in Bageria, Modica, Acireale or Mazara del Vallo. All of these cities have more than 50,000 inhabitants and thus have plenty of facilities to offer your prospective guests.

B&B for sale Veneto

Find B&B for sale Veneto, Italy? Then Belluno as a province is definitely worth looking into. Romantic B&Bs are also regularly offered for sale in Padua, Ravigo and Treviso. Also keep an eye on this page for B&Bs for sale in Italy if you want to buy a B&B in Venice, Verona or Vivenza. Discover the most beautiful B&Bs for rent in Veneto in northern Italy.

B&Bs for sale Piedmont

When you think of B&Bs for sale Piedmont, you think of Italian rice fields, houses with pools, farmhouses and b&bs with gites in Alessandria, Asti and Biella. All of them beautiful areas in Italy to buy a B&B. Find B&Bs in Piedmont for sale on our portal. Also search the offer of B&Bs for sale in Cuneo, Novara or Turin. Also Verbano-Cusio-Ossola or Vercelli are provinces in Piedmont (Italy) where you can look for a B&B or hotel for sale.

House with vacation apartment for sale Emilia-Romagna

Emilia-Romagna is definitely worth checking out when looking to buy a B&B in northern Italy. B&Bs with pool for sale in art cities of Bologna, Ferrara and Parma. Or just buy a B&B in Modena, Piacenza or Ravenna? In Ravenna, your guests can see the famous Mosaics. Emilia-Romagna is ideal for buying a house with cottages and pool. They are also regularly offered for sale. Discover also houses with cottages for sale in Reggio Emilia and Rimini.

B&B for sale Puglia

Discover B&Bs for sale in Puglia in the South of Italy. Search the offer of B&Bs for sale in Bari, Barletta-Andria-Trani and Brindisi. B&Bs are also sometimes for sale in Foggia. You will find these B&Bs and farmhouses in Puglia (think Lecce and Tarente) then of course on our website.

Executives sought B&Bs Tuscany

Sometimes operators are sought for a Bed and Breafast in Tosacane. Previously, people found their dream by working as operators in Arezzo, Florence, Grossetta and Livorno. Looking for operators for your B&B in Tuscany, Italy yourself? Then place your ad. Do you want to get started as an operator? Then check out the current ads. Find B&Bs for sale Lucca, Massa-Carrara, Pisa and Pistoia. Also in Prato and Siena, with a little luck, you can find properties where you can start your B&B in Tuscany.

For sale Calabria

Want to find farmhouses and b&bs with cottage in Calabria (Italy)? Sometimes you get lucky and these objects are offered for sale in southern Italy. Consider a house with pool or a country house in Catanzaro with places like Lamazia Terme. Operators are also sometimes sought for a Bed and Breafast in Cosenza, Crotone and Reggio di Valabria. Also keep an eye on this page for B&Bs for sale in Vibo Valentia.

House with cottage Sardinia

Buying a house with cottages in Sardinia? Sardinia lies west of Italy and south of island of Corsica. Buying a B&B in Cagliari, Nuoro or Oristano? Saddari with towns like Algero and Porto Torres is beautiful, but there are several options if you want to run a B&B in a country house, estate or farm in Sardinia. Sometimes operators are sought for a Bed and Breafast in southern Sardinia. You should also check out Carbonia, Iglesias and Sanluri if you want to buy a B&B in Southern Sardinia.

B&B buy Liguria

Buy farmhouses and b&b’s with case in Liguria in the Northwest of Italy? Explore Genoa, but keep an eye on this page for B&Bs for sale in Imperia. Discover country houses in La Spezia and Savona, when you want to buy a B&B in Liguria. Liguria is one of the smallest Italian regions.

B&B for sale Marche

You will find B&Bs in Marche in central Italy on our website, of course, as soon as they are offered. Farmhouses and b&bs with case in the provinces of Ancona, Ascoli Piceno, Fermo, Macerata and Pesaro e Urbino are also sold on our websites. Lover of Marche (Italy)? Keep an eye on this page for chateaus and B&Bs for sale in Marche.

B&B buy Abruzzzen

Buying a B&B in Abruzzo you can do for example in L’Aquila with cities like L’Aquila Sulmona, Avezzano. Operators are sometimes sought for a Bed and Breakfast in Chieti as in Lanciano, Vasto, Ortona. If this is the case, you will read about it on our website. Keep an eye on this page for B&Bs for sale in Pescara and Teramo. How about a farmhouse with b&b for sale in towns of Atri or Roseto degli Abruzzi.

House with B&B for sale Friuli-Venezia Giulia

Friuli-Venezia Giulia is an autonomous region in Italy. Farmhouses and b&bs with vacation rentals in former provinces of Gorizia, Pardenone, Trieste and Udine can be found for sale on our website. Today, you can find a B&B for sale in 18 intercommunal unions (UTI) of Friuli-Venezia Giulia.

Trentino-South Tyrol B&B for sale

A special place to buy a B&B is the autonomous region of Trentino-South Tyrol, with Trento as its capital. It is brilliant when you are looking for B&Bs for sale in Italy. Discover farmhouses and b&bs with gites for sale in provinces of Trento or South Tyrol.

Buy B&B Umbria

Umbria is located in central Italy. A great area if you want to buy and run a B&B in Italy. You will find rolling hills with vineyards and olive groves. Operators were being sought for a Bed and Breafast in Perugia and Terni, but these operators have since gone to work. Do you also want to work as an operator in a country house in Italy or buy a B&B in Perugia or Terni? Keep an eye on this page for B&Bs for sale in towns like Assisi, Foligno, Gubbio, Spoleto or in Orvieto and Narni.

Basilicata or Lucania b&b for sale

Are you looking for a B&B for sale in Basilicata or Lucania? This region is located in the south of Italy. Find B&Bs in provinces of Potenza and Matera, with capitals of the same name. Browse the offerings to see if B&Bs are offered in Basilicata or Lucania. Search our website for a house with B&B for sale in towns like Pisticci or Melfi.

B&B for sale Molise, Italy

Looking for a B&B for sale in Italy’s second smallest region? Then check out the range of B&B for sale in Molise. Many people are curious if operators are being sought for a Bed and Breafast in Molise. For this, always check the current ads for the different houses and country houses on our website. Keep an eye on this page for B&Bs for sale in Campobasso with the capital of the same name and the city of Termoli. Or would you rather buy a B&B or hotel in Isernia or Venafro?

B&B for sale in Valle d’Aosta in Italy

Valle d’Aosta is also a great place to buy a B&B. Buy farms and b&bs with gites in Valle d’Aosta? It is the very smallest region in Italia. Sometimes it is possible to make your dream come true in Northern Italy. Keep an eye on this page for B&Bs for sale in the municipalities of Valle d’Aosta. In fact, Valle d’Aosta has autonomous status and no provinces, only municipalities.

Sell your Hotel / Bed and Breakfast in Italy

Selling your own B&B Italy

Want to sell your B&B Italy yourself or offer another property with vacation homes? Many Dutch, Belgians and other Europeans want to change course and start running a B&B, small hotel, gîte, vacation home or farm in Italy. Think Calabria and Lazia, among others. Our portal allows you to reach that target group of potential buyers in a very targeted way.

Sell house with cottages Italy

We rank at the top of Google on many relevant search terms! Take advantage of it and advertise your house-with-b&b property in Italy all by yourself or together with a real estate agent. So you can sell a B&B or house with cottages in Italy without a real estate agent. But of course you are also welcome on our platform with a broker. Are you selling your property in Veneto or Puglia, among others, through B&B For Sale?

Hotel sales Italy

Selling a bed and breakfast or small hotel in Italy
? On B&B For Sale, potential buyers of B&Bs and small hotels will find your property in Italy. You can usually sell your hotel or B&B in Italy faster with an ad on Therefore, do not wait any longer to advertise your hotel for sale in Emilia-Romagna or Tuscany (Italy), among others.

Real estate agent sell Bed and Breakfast Italy

Want to sell a Bed and Breakfast in Italy as a realtor? Whether you are the owner or broker of a property in Italy. With our website, you know how to get your B&B, hotel or vacation home noticed. Many thousands of potential buyers search for for-sale Bed and Breakfasts and small hotels in Lombardy, Sardinia, Piedmont and Sicily (Italy) through this portal. On Bed & Breakfast For Sale you can advertise very inexpensively. Sign up and register as a broker or seller to advertise your B&B or other accommodation.

Sell a hotel: real estate agent Italy

Sell (small) hotel in Italy as a real estate agent? Whether you are a hotel owner or – broker; with B&B For Sale reach buyers of a B&B and small hotel in Italy. Hotel brokers regularly advertise their hotel offerings in Italy on B&B For Sale, finding suitable candidates. Advertising is very inexpensive and commission-free.

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