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Hotels / B&B's te for sale in Germany

B&B for sale Germany

Looking for a Bed and Breakfast (Zimmerfrei) for sale in Germany? Discover B&Bs for sale in Germany from mostly Dutch and Belgian advertisers here. They changed course, but are now selling what they built (years ago) in Germany. Do you also want to change course in Germany with a head start and start a B&B in Germany? Then discover hotels or guesthouses for sale in Germany from Willingen to Winterberg here. Real estate with a vacation home, vacation home for rent to guests or even a campsite for sale in Germany can also be found here regularly. Currently offered are hotels in Bitburg, Lösnich and Üdersdorf.

Hotel and guest house for sale Germany

Compare the offers and find your guest house or hotel in Germany. Find a guesthouse or gasthaus for sale in the Harz. How about a Parkhotel or a hotel in Winterberg. Offering hospitality for lease or leasing yourself is also possible. Selling your own guest house or hotel in Germany is also possible! Take advantage of an additional very specific target market to sell your real estate in Germany. Selling is often much faster with an ad, so advertise like Eigen Horeca Makelaar on our website.

Bed and Breakfasts & hotels for sale in Germany

B&Bs for sale border region Germany/Netherlands

Many Dutchmen and Germans who have started a B&B or hotel in Germany are selling a hotel in the border region. That is, the B&Bs are usually not far from the border of the Netherlands and Germany. Of course, there are regions from north to middle and from middle to south in Germany, which are on the border.

B&B for sale northern Germany (Lower Saxony)

Find B&B for sale northern Germany? Find B&B for sale in Northern Germany, more precisely in the Northwest of Germany. Bordering Groningen, Drenthe and Overijssel, you will find B&Bs, hotels and guesthouses for sale in Aurich, Leer, Emsland and Graftschaft Bentheim. If you want to buy or sell a b&b or hotel in Lower Saxony, you have come to the right place on this website.

B&Bs with vacation home Central Germany (North Rhine-Westphalia)

Hotel for sale North Rhine-Westphalia: How about buying a B&B or hotel buy on the border with Overijssel and Gelderland. Then you can look at B&Bs for sale in North Rhine-Westphalia in Germany. Popular places for hotels and B&Bs are Bocholt, Borken and Coesfeld. Gronau and Vreden are also towns and places where you could buy a B&B, hotel or guest house.

Buying B&Bs in southern Germany (Niederrhein)

B&B For Sale Southern Germany: In Germany bordering central Limburg to bordering ‘s-Heerenberg: Southern Germany is also wonderful for starting a B&B, guest house or hotel. Find B&Bs and hotels in North Rhine-Westphalia here. Guests at your hotel will soon be able to not only enjoy beautiful walks, but also store in towns such as Emmerich, Geldern, Goch and Kevelaer. Also find hotels and B&Bs for sale in Germany near Kleve, Kranenburg, Rees and Xanten. Airport Niederrhein is located in Weeze. Handy to have nearby for your guests.

Property with B&B for sale West Germany

Property with B&B for sale West Germany: Bordering the middle and south of Limburg, you will find properties with B&B for sale in the regions of Heinsberg and Viersen. A beautiful area for your hotel or b&b guests to bike and hike in rolling or hilly surroundings, including the steam train at Selfkant. Find a property with B&B for sale in Brüggen or Kempen. Cities to also look out for in the area are Krefeld, Viersen and Wesel. These are popular shopping areas. Or how about a B&B for sale near nature reserves Maas-Schwalm-Nette and Gangelt.

Buy B&B Germany

Do you want to buy a Bed and Breakfast in Germany? You can. Find here the latest offer to buy a B&B in Germany.

Small hotel for sale Germany

Buy small hotel in Germany? You will find small hotels for sale. Come back often for the rapidly changing selection of hotels for sale in Germany.

House with guest house for sale Germany

From house with guest house to hotel. You will find houses for sale with guest houses or sometimes even complete hotels. Find out which house with guest house or hotel is currently for sale in Germany.

Selling a pension, hotel or B&B in Germany

Sell your own B&B or hotel in Germany

If you are wondering if you can sell your hotel or B&B in Germany, you can. In fact, on our website you can advertise your B&B, hotel or guesthouse yourself. Of course, you can also advertise if you have a real estate agent. Then consult with your broker or ask your broker to advertise with us for extra reach. Because selling a B&B in Germany (by yourself or with an agent) is better with an ad on B&B For Sale. We have a large reach among Dutch buyers of B&Bs, hotels and guesthouses in the Netherlands and Germany. We are the #1 sales portal.

Sell B&B or hotel in Germany

Sell a Bed and Breakfast or small hotel in Germany? On B&B For Sale, thousands of potential buyers of B&Bs and small hotels find your property in Germany. You can usually sell your hotel in Germany faster with an ad on our popular platform So don’t wait any longer to advertise your hotel or B&B for sale.

Sell house with vacation home Germany

Also be found at the top of Google with your vacation home for sale? Or with a hotel, guesthouse or gasthaus you want to sell in Germany? Take advantage of our website as we rank at the top of Google on many relevant search terms! Advertise your B&B or hotel all by yourself. Of course, you are also welcome on our platform with a broker or as a real estate agent. We are happy to help both entrepreneurs and real estate agents sell a B&B or hotel in Germany.

Sell hotel Germany: real estate agent

Hotel brokers in the Netherlands and Germany regularly advertise their hotel and guesthouse offerings in Germany on B&B For Sale, finding suitable candidates to buy the hotels. Advertising with us is very inexpensive and commission-free. Sell a (small) hotel in Germany
as a real estate agent? Whether you are hotel owner or – real estate agent; with B&B For Sale you reach your potential buyers of a B&B and small hotel in Germany. Find out for yourself!

Real estate agent Bed and Breakfast Germany sales

Also if you are a broker and want to sell a Bed and Breakfast in Germany, you can do that also. Sign up and register as a broker or seller to advertise your B&B or hotel in Germany. Because whether you are the broker or owner of a B&B or guest house or hotel, our website offers the ultimate opportunity to get your property in Germany to the right and highly targeted audience. Numerous potential buyers search for for-sale Bed and Breakfasts and small hotels in Germany. Advertising is very inexpensive.

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