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Buying or selling hotels and B&Bs abroad such as France, Spain, Italy or Portugal? Or in Germany, Ireland, South Africa or Curaçao?

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B&B of hotel verkopen in het buitenland

Selling your B&B or hotel in Europe

Dreaming of a Bed and Breakfast abroad? Then you’re in the right place. Indeed, B&B For Sale not only provides a platform for B&Bs for sale in


, as well as abroad, such as B&Bs from Ik Vertrek for sale on Curaçao! In addition, view B&Bs for sale in other popular European countries, such as
, Italy, Germany and Austria.

But Dutchmen and Belgians who started a guesthouse, hotel or Bed & Breakfast outside Europe can also sell their property abroad here. Dutchmen and Belgians who also want the adventure of starting a guesthouse, B&B or hotel outside of Europe can find their “dream” here.

For example, recently sellers of B&Bs and guesthouses for sale in
and South Africa and Dutch and Belgian interested parties can find each other here. If a country is missing, do not hesitate to contact us. If the land is of interest to visitors on our website, who want to change course, we will gladly allow your property on this page.

If you want to sell your Bed and Breakfast abroad (in or outside Europe), it is smart to advertise on this page. This is where Dutch people who want to change course find your ad for your Bed and Breakfast, guesthouse or hotel for sale in or outside Europe.

Selling B&B or small hotel? Do you have a B&B For Sale in Spain? Then also put your Bed and Breakfast in Spain for sale on our website. Or a Bed and Breakfast For Sale in France, Curaçao or South Africa? With us, buyers will find your B&B or small hotel, to change course to abroad. Brokers and sellers advertise very inexpensively on our website.

Bringing a B&B or hotel in Europe (such as France, but also Curaçao) a guesthouse outside Europe (such as South Africa) to the attention of a highly targeted audience? Or a property that could be suitable for use as a Bed & Breakfast, guesthouse or hotel? Every month, many thousands of potential buyers search for For Sale B&Bs in Europe. On B&B For Sale you advertise at low cost!

B&B of hotel Te Koop Duitsland

Bed en Breakfast of hotel verkopen of kopen in Duitsland

Buying or selling a B&B in Germany? Buying or selling a Bed & Breakfast (Zimmefrei) in Germany? In this section of Europe, is room for B&Bs and hotels in Germany. Germany is popular because of its impressive nature and favorable real estate prices. Check out German B&Bs and properties suitable for use as a B&B or small hotel or sell your own property, guest house or Bed & Breakfast!

B&B for sale Germany. B&B zu verkaufen Deutschland.

B&B/hotel Te Koop Frankrijk

Bed & Breakfast of Chambre d'hôte verkopen of kopen in Frankrijk

Buy or sell B&B or hotel in France?

France is one of Europe’s most popular vacation countries among the Dutch. Not for nothing, then, do many people look for a B&B or boutique hotel to take over in France. Or to a property that has everything you need to start a beautiful B&B (Chambre d’hôtes) in it. Buy or sell your property through B&B For Sale.

Executives sought B&B France

We are regularly looking for operators for a B&B for sale in France. These are existing B&Bs and houses with gîtes in France. Keep an eye on the ads. Not only B&Bs of Dutch people in France are regularly offered for sale, but also French people offer their B&B for sale, or: B&B a vendre France.

Hotel/B&B sell France

You want to sell your Bed & Breakfast or hotel in France. Operators are also sought on our website for a B&B in France and houses with gîtes are regularly offered for sale. So you can start a B&B in France. Do you have an existing Bed and Breakfast in France yourself that you want to sell? You can then advertise on this website to find your potential buyer. This will help you sell your B&B or hotel in France faster.

B&B for sale France (a vendre)

Looking for B&B or Chambre d’hôtes a vendre? Or you want to sell your B&B in France?
Selling your Bed & Breakfast is easy with or B&B for sale.

Hotel/B&B Te Koop Griekenland

Bed and Breakfast of hotel verkopen of kopen in Griekenland

Also selling your B&B in Greece? Or buy a hotel in Greece? Regularly you will find properties for sale in Greece that you can turn into a B&B or hotel. Sometimes a Bed and Breakfast is already established there, which you can take over in no time. But other cases involve a property in Greece that you could very well start a B&B in. A property with many bedrooms or bathrooms, for example. Selling a Bed and Breakfast in Greece? Then register as a seller or broker today and sell your hotel or B&B in Greece.

Hotel/B&B Te Koop Spanje

Koop of verkoop jouw Spaanse droom: B&B/hotel Spanje kopen of verkopen!

B&B Buying or selling in Spain? Who doesn’t love the Spanish sun and cuisine. Every year, Dutch people change tack in Spain to start a B&B or hotel there. B&B For Sale brings together supply and demand for B&Bs and hotels for sale in Spain. So it is the ideal place to find interested buyers for your property. Or to compare the offer of For Sale B&Bs and hotels in Europe.

B&B/hotel Te Koop Portugal

Verkopen van een Bed and Breakfast in Portugal of een hotel in Portugal kopen

Buy hotel or B&B in Portugal (Europe) or sell in Portugal? Portugal is also a popular vacation destination in Europe. Therefore, B&B or hotel properties in Portugal are also widely searched. Regularly we find B&Bs in Portugal that you can take over. Or properties with many bedrooms and bathrooms, which are therefore interesting to start a B&B in.

Discover for yourself what B&B-Te Koop can do for you. Advertise your B&B hot hotel property in Portugal or view the offer of properties for Sale. Sell your Bed and Breakfast through B&B For Sale. Because selling a B&B goes faster if you bring it to the attention of Dutch people who want to change course in Spain.

B&B, pension en hotel Te Koop Oostenrijk

Verkoop je B&B of pension in Oostenrijk of koop een Oostenrijks B&B of pension!

Buy or sell B&B, guest house or hotel Austria? Within Europe, Austria is the country of winter sports, making it ideal to start a guest house, hotel B&B. Austria is popular among (Dutch) tourists in both summer and winter. Regularly on B&B For Sale you will find properties in Austria that are ideal for starting a guest house or B&B. Many thousands of visitors know the way to our platform. So an ideal place to sell your hotel, guest house or B&B in Austria.

Guesthouse, hotel en B&B Te Koop in zonnige oorden

Kopen of verkopen van een guesthouse, B&B of hotel op Curaçao of B&B in Zuid-Afrika

Buying B&B in Curaçao or South Africa or selling a guesthouse or hotel in South Africa or Curaçao?

Find a bed and breakfast or guesthouse for sale in South Africa or Curacao? South Africa and Curaçao are very popular with tourists, of German and Dutch origin among others. This is because the resorts are sunny, but also because more Dutch speakers live there. B&B For Sale is the Dutch and Belgian portal, to buy or sell a B&B abroad. Find a guesthouse for sale in Somerset West. The B&B or guesthouse is about 50 kilometers from Cape Town and poor 10 kilometers from the beach. Or buy or sell a guesthouse in Gardens, Oranjezicht or Tamboerskloof. Find a B&B for sale at De Waterkant or Bo Kaap. Ideal locations close to the sea to buy a guesthouse, B&B or hotel in South Africa (near Cape Town). Or discover b&bs in Aruba, Curaçao or Bonaire for sale.

B&B, pension en hotel Te Koop Noorwegen & Zweden

Verkoop je B&B of pension in Zweden of Noorwegen

Sell your B&B, guest house or hotel in Norway or Sweden or buy a B&B or guest house in Scandinavia!

Buy a charming Bed and Breakfast or a guest house or hotel for sale in Norway? If you want to start a B&B or hotel in Sweden, you can find offers for sale in Sweden and Norway on this page. B&B For Sale is the portal to buy and sell a b&b, hotel, guest house with or without log cabin/hytte. Therefore, advertise here, where your target audience is.

Hotel, B&B en agriturismo Te Koop Italië

Verkopen van een agriturismo, hotel of B&B in Italië

Selling B&B in Italy (Europe)? Buy or lease a B&B in the beautiful vacation country of Italy? B&Bs in Italy are regularly listed for sale on our portal. Think of an agriturismo or farmhouse in Italy, with olive groves and rooms for Bed and Breakfast, sometimes with camping. From Tuscany, Sicily to Lake Garda or the coast you can find these B&Bs, hotels and guesthouses. Those looking to sell a farmhouse or other accommodation in Italy will find their target market through the portal B&B For Sale. Therefore, advertise your B&B in Italy on our website.

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