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B&B For Sale In Belgium

More and more people are starting B&Bs in Belgium. As a result, the demand for existing B&Bs and properties suitable for Bed and Breakfast is steadily increasing. Do you also want to buy a B&B in Belgium? Sellers and brokers who want to sell their Bed and Breakfast in Belgium post it online here. Or find properties ideally suited for starting a Bed and Breakfast. For real estate for starting a B&B, you have come to the right place!

B&B for sale Belgium

Do you want to buy a Bed & Breakfast in Belgium? Find B&Bs for sale in Belgium from Belgians and Dutch here. The properties in Belgium on this site have been used as a B&B or may be suitable for use as a B&B because of the facilities, due to multiple bedrooms, bathrooms. Find B&Bs for sale in Belgium from Flanders to Wallonia in the list above.

Hotel for sale Belgium

Want to buy a small hotel in the Belgium? Then visit our website regularly. From a Bed & Breakfast in Flemish Brabant to small hotels in West Flanders. Whether you are looking for a hotel or B&B / Chambre d’hôtes in Belgium. On our portal you will find what you are looking for in Belgium.

House with gites for sale Belgium

Executives wanted for a B&B or house with gîtes in Belgium? You can find it on our portal B&B for Sale. How about a house with gites for sale in Antwerp, Limburg or East Flanders?

B&Bs for sale Flanders

Find B&Bs in all provinces of Flanders in Belgium. From Antwerp to Limburg and from East Flanders to Flemish Brabant and West Flanders. Also, if you want to sell a B&B in Flanders, you have come to the right place.

B&B for sale Antwerp

Find B&Bs for sale in the province of Antwerp in Belgium near the cities of Antwerp and Turnhout. Or a great house with B&B for sale in Mechelen. Follow your ambitions and buy a B&B in Antwerp. Antwerp has plenty to offer your future B&B guests: From the still waters in Scheldeland to the purple moors in the Kempen. The Bospolder in Ekeren offers guests hiking trails through grasslands, forest and marsh and shallow ponds. What object do you prefer? A house with pool, a farmhouse or a property with gites in Antwerp. You’ll find it in Antwerp on our portal.

B&Bs with gîtes for sale Limburg

How about buying a B&B in Limburg (Belgium). The area is beautiful for your B&B guests to enjoy hiking. Think Hasselt, Genk and Tongeren. Buy a house with cottages in Sint-Truiden or Maasmechelen. But B&Bs for sale in Lommel, Maaseik, Bilzen or Lanaken are also interesting if you are looking for a B&B (with gites) in Limburg. In all these beautiful cities, B&Bs are regularly offered for sale. Fantastic for those who want to buy a B&B in Limburg. Limburg offers beautiful nature to your guests. Discover B&Bs for Sale near the following natural areas Voerstreek – Haspengouw, National Park Hoge Kempen and De Wijers. Or see if you can buy B&Bs and hotels close to RivierPark Maasvallei, Duinengordel, Bosland or Kempen-Broek.

Buying B&Bs in East Flanders

Want to find a romantic B&B for sale in East Flanders in Belgium? Then consider a B&B or hotel in Ghent, Aalst or Oudenaarde for sale. Or do you want to buy a B&B near Sint-Niklaas, Dendermonde or Geraardsbergen. ls you buy a B&B in East Flanders, it is convenient if you are near natural areas. B&B guests enjoy hiking in the surroundings of hey Raspaillebos and the Kluysbos, Munkbosbeek valley and the Kalkense Meersen. In all these cities and born or in Belgium, you can regularly find B&Bs for sale. So keep a close eye on the website.

House with B&B for sale Flemish Brabant

Flemish Brabant is also a wonderful area to start a B&B. Buy a B&B in the nature of Flemish Brabant. Think Salve Mater, Bolloheide, Koebos-Long forest. Or find B&Bs for sale near Kruisheide or Vineyard Mountain. Would you like to realize your dream here and buy a B&B near Leuven, Zaventem or Tervuren? Within Flemish Brabant, you can also search for a romantic B&B for sale in Vilvoorde, Diest or Aarschot. In Flemish Brabant, guests of the B&B you buy can enjoy biking or hiking. Keep an eye on the site because operators are regularly sought for b&bs and hotels in Flemish Brabant in Belgium.

B&B for sale West Flanders

Find B&B for sale West Flanders? On this portal you will find farms and houses with gites for Sale near cities like Bruges (with Het Brugse Ommeland) and Ostend. Blankenberge, De Haan, Kortrijk and De Panne are also ideal for buying a B&B or hotel. Keep an eye on this page for B&Bs for sale in West Flanders for new listings. Also see b&bs and hotels (from house with pool to chateau) for sale near the De Blankaart, Hoppe region of and West Flanders Hill Country. Ideal for guests to enjoy hiking or biking. Buying a B&B near Kortrijk and the Leiebos, Het Zwin or the Uitkerkse polder is also a possibility. You will regularly find B&Bs for sale here on the site in the aforementioned areas.

Buying B&B in Wallonia

Buying a B&B or hotel in Wallonia? Also find information on B&Bs for sale in the provinces of Wallonia in Belgium. So you can buy B&Bs and hotels in Hainaut (Hainaut), Walloon Brabant (Brabant Wallon), Namur (Namur), Liege (Liège) and Luxembourg (Luxembourg).

House with gîtes for sale Hainaut (Hainaut)

Buying a house with gîtes in the Hainaut (Hainaut)? This region of Belgium has pristine nature and beautiful cities. The capital is Bergen, which with many museums is ideal for B&B guests. Do you want to buy a country house, chateau or farm in Henegauwen? Sometimes operators are sought for a Bed and Breakfast in Bergen. The Charleroi area, Tournai, Thuin and Chemay, is also ideal for buying a B&B.

B&B buy Walloon Brabant (Brabant Wallon)

Want to buy a farm or country house with b&b or bike in Walloon Brabant (Brabant Wallon)? The rolling countryside is ideal for guests of your B&B. Discover properties for sale near Wavre, the capital of Walloon Brabant. Also discover Bed and Breakfasts and chateaus for sale near Waterloo, Nivelles and Villers-la-Ville. There is plenty to do in the area, including several museums to visit. So it is ideal to buy a Bed & Breakfast in Walloon Brabant.

B&B for sale Namur (Namur)

You will find B&Bs in Namur (Namur) for sale on our website, of course. Namur is a great location for a B&B because of several museums and beautiful surroundings. Farms and b&bs with gites near the city of Namur are sold on our website. Lover of water? Then Namur with its river is ideal. Citadel of Namur is a medieval fortress definitely worth visiting for your guests. Keep an eye on this page for chateaus and B&Bs for sale in Namur.

B&B buy Liege (Liège)

You can buy a B&B in Liege (Liège), for example, in Liege, Spa, Huy or elsewhere. Operators are sometimes sought for a Bed and Breafast in Liège. If this is the case, you will read about it on our website. Keep an eye on this page for B&Bs for sale in Verviers, as well as farmhouse with b&b for sale Malmedy. Eupen is also beautiful and sometimes a special opportunity presents itself. Then operators are sought for a Bed and Breafast near Liège. Blegny is also a great place to buy a B&B. Buy farms and b&bs with gites in Amay? Sometimes it is possible to make your dream come true in Belgium. Keep an eye on this page for B&Bs for sale in Liège.

House with gîtes for sale Luxembourg (Luxembourg)

Farmhouses and b&bs with gites in Luxembourg can be found for sale on our website. For example, in Durbuy. But you can also find a house with cottages for sale in Luxembourg in La Roche-en-Ardenne. Always check the current offer on our page of B&Bs with gîtes for sale in Luxembourg for properties near Virton, Florenville and Saint-Hubert.Operators were occasionally sought for a Bed and Breafast in Arlon.

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