You own a bed and breakfast and want to sell . What should you do and, more importantly, what should you not do to achieve this goal? We give you 5 handy (sales) tips to sell your B&B.

B&B selling tip #1: Photos for selling your B&B

Nothing is more important to selling your B&B than photos. So make sure you have good photos of your property. This is one of the most important tips we can give you to sell your B&B to sell ! Just as hotels and b&bs with lots of good photos attract more guests, the same is true if you want to attract potential buyers to sell your B&B. Good imagery is half the battle. Perhaps you’ve already had photos taken to advertise your bed and breakfast. If these photos are of good quality you can of course use them. Otherwise, you can often find a photographer through your real estate agent.

Need tips for your home’s photography? Make sure you sell your house, not your “home.” So present your house in such a way that the buyer sees a house with the space to make it his or her home. So personal photos, trinkets, collections and (some) special furniture, it’s best to remove them for the photo (and viewing). Furthermore, make sure you have neutral comforter covers (i.e., no soccer club logos), plenty of greenery in the form of plants and plenty of (daytime) light. With white walls, the photographer gets your B&B looking a lot easier in fresh light.

B&B sales tip #2: Good text sells better

Your real estate agent often provides the text for the sale of your home with B&B . Not chosen a real estate agent yet? Then take a closer look at the texts that appear on your potential broker’s website. Choose a real estate agent who writes appealing copy. Are you promoting your property on websites other than Funda and your real estate agent’s? Then make sure you write a unique text. That means writing or having written a text that is not yet anywhere else on the Internet. That’s how Google picks up your ads better! Read on to see what other tips we have for selling your B&B fast!

B&B sales tip #3: Advertise your B&B on

Those selling their homes should think about the relevant audiences for their homes. For the most common home sales, you can think of a single person, a couple or, for example, a couple with children. A property that houses a B&B or one with typical B&B features (such as lots of space, ample number of bedrooms, multiple bathrooms or an outbuilding) can appeal to a unique audience. The growing group of people who would like to start a B&B. Thousands of potential buyers search monthly for a B&B to take over or a suitable property. Do you want to sell property with B&B for sale? So make sure it is listed when they consult the current B&B For Sale offer on the platform.

B&B selling tip #4: Create a calm atmosphere during the viewing

This tip for selling your B&B may be eye-opening. Children and pets attract the attention of potential buyers. Even though the potential buyers may love children or pets; you obviously prefer their attention to your home. Those who are less fond of children or pets will even find the presence to be a (very) distracting factor during the viewing. So if you have children or pets, you would be wise to arrange for babysitters during the viewing. Of course, to provide a relaxing atmosphere, make sure your home smells fresh and the television is off. A neutral background music is allowed, of course.

B&B Sales Tip #5: Share relevant figures

Indicate the added value of your B&B to a buyer. Do you have good reviews? Then point potential buyers to these (high) ratings! Do you have a nice occupancy rate? Then share it in your B&B ad! Have you realized nice (increasing) numbers? Then state your sales and profits or indicate that your figures are available for inspection by interested parties. This is how you show the benefits of buying your property to those who want to take over a B&B. Also talk about whether the B&B could possibly be expanded to achieve even more growth. These were our 5 (sales) tips to sell your B&B. We wish you good luck with the sale of your B&B.